Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, a few years ago the hubby and I scored big time on Craigslist. A canon 20D camera with a 50mm and a 75-300mm lens, a bunch of other doohickeys I have no idea what to do with still (filters and whatnot) and a bag for $400, I know total steal. Right now I am looking at purchasing a better lens for what I use our camera for, something along the lines of a 18mm to 75 mm to I have a little more range with my shots!

BrowniesSo for the last 2 years I have used Auto, Auto is/was my best friend until Darcy came along with this little series called "31 Days to a better Picture." I couldn't resist! I have been reading the posts everyday, but I have not had the time to pull out the camera to work on the assignments until today. So most of it was pretty easy and I got it right away! Well, on day 11, Darcy threw us a tough assignment, photograph something in Manual! The ignored M on my camera dial. I have gotten comfortable with the P, AV and the FV. But the M, I was avoiding it. But, the time for avoidance was over. So, I pulled out the tripod and some brownies (to photograph, not to eat, well, I did eat one as a reward!), figured they needed a little color so I dug through the fabric stash, and tada, a somewhat correct manual photo of brownies. Here are the numbers, I don't know how I got these numbers, I just kept tweeking the dials for the shutter speed and Aperture until I found the right combo. As for ISO, I have found that 400 seems to be the best on my camera. So the Aperture was 16 and the Shutter speed was 4 seconds:) Enjoy.

Why am I doing this, besides learning how to take better pictures? I want to be able to take our family photo this year myself! And in order to take the best picture possible, I had to learn what the other side of the dial does!

Thank You Darcy for the awesome information!

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