Friday, October 01, 2010

Candy Corn

Someday Crafts host a Categorically Crafting Link every week with a special theme, there is always a really cool theme and lots of great ideas pop in my head after the fact, but this week it pops up in my reader and the theme is Candy Corn! Yes, I have been tossing candy corn crafty ideas around for a few weeks and this was the motivation to get er done!

So the first of a few is this lovely!
Candy Corn Bracelet

I used, candy corn, Black Spray Paint, spray sealer and, the leftover cardboard roll from packing tape! I loved this wreath, but lacking the patience to make it I would just drool over it every time I saw it.  When I went through a roll of packing tape and placed the cardboard piece over my hand to keep it from rolling away while I switch rolls out of my tape dispenser, I realized it would make a great chunky bracelet and that with Halloween coming up, I would love a Candy Corn bracelet!

Candy Corn Bracelet

So, step 1: paint your cardboard roll black:
Candy Corn Bracelet

Step 2: Line up your candy corn and using your hot glue gun, glue them on:
Candy Corn BraceletCandy Corn Bracelet

Step 3: Seal with some clear sealer to keep the candy corn looking lovely.
Step 4: Wear it with pride:

Candy Corn Bracelet

1 comment:

Sandra said...

I'm always wearing painters tape on my wrist {just so I don't lose track of it} when I'm painting. So perfect to use it as a bracelet base.