Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wow! I am honored and awed!

A picture of the table I built is on THE www.ana-white.com! She said it inspired her! Oh my gosh, she inspires me. So awesome, I am just speechless and a little rambly:)

I built this over Memorial Day Weekend while my hubby was visiting his Mom, all by myself! It is not perfect, but, I made it and I LOVE it. Now to see someone I admire so much was inspired by it is just amazing and totally awesome and wonderful. It is better than the feeling of walking out from taking a test and knowing you aced it. Wow, awesome.

Anyway, here it is, the table built by my own two hands, a drill, a miter saw and some stain:)

Anyway, I originally modified the Modern Farmhouse Table plans to make a square table, now she has posted Square Farmhouse Table plans! The only thing different from mine and hers are the legs, I stayed with the 2 x 6 legs and she made it with 2 x 4's.  Other than that, she did the exact same things I did!

After the table was built, I used Minwax Wood Conditioner to pre-treat the wood for the stain and then I applied 3 coats of Minwax Anntique Walnut PolyShades in gloss, yeah for poly and stain in one! In between coats of stain I sanded with a 220 grit sand paper and my palm sander.  When I applied the stain I used rags to wipe it on rather than a brush.  And the wood is hemlock studs!

That's about all! Thanks Ana for making the plans and being inspired by my table, I truly am so honored!

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Reed Frey said...

Tami, I have a bunch of leftover 2x3's and some plywood (for the top). Do you think I could build this table with them?