Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I seriously love popcorn. Popcorn would be on my list of things I have to take to a deserted island and now I have to add a microwave to that list.

A few months ago my air popper broke, it was a super sad day in my house and I have been popping corn on the stove top for a while, not as often as I would have popcorn as before because of all the extra oil. I have been missing my air popper and was about to purchase another one, when I got my Ready Made magazine in the mail.  One of the tips in the magazine was to put a bit of popcorn in a brown paper lunch sack and cook it in the microwave for the popcorn cycle. I tried it last night and it works! I am actually sitting here eating a bowl of my microwave popcorn right now!

The cool thing about this way of popping corn, I can add as much or as little butter and salt to my corn and I don't get any of the nasty cancer causing yuckies in the packaged microwave popcorn!

So, in my experiments I found a regular brown paper lunch bag, 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels and the popcorn setting on the microwave to be perfect! The 1/4 cup of kernels is mostly popped at the end of the cycle and produces the perfect single sized serving of popcorn.  If you are like me and popcorn is a food group all by itself, then you might want to pop 2 batches of popcorn using this method.  I did try popping 1/2 cup at one time and a lot of the kernels did not pop:( After the corn is popped and in my bowl, I add a little salt and melted butter!

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