Saturday, May 22, 2010

Got the bestest compliment today!

Today was a fun, but cold and rainy/snowy day. We went shopping for wood so I can build this table while Larry is gone next weekend. And I bought myself a palm sander too!

Then we spotted a garage sale, I found this great mirror, needs a little paint and then it can hang out at the end of the hallway. When I found this mirror is when the best complement got given. I asked Larry what he thought and he said "I don't know what your style is anymore" (that's not the complement) and I said what? he goes "when you picked the color for the office wall I thought it was crazy, but it looks crazy good and I know you will do a good job so what I think doesn't matter" or something to that effect. The walls in the office make me feel like I am in a glass of chocolate milk, in case you were wondering, and that is a good thing!

So Mirror for $7, though it was a wood frame, got it home realized it was plastic, but hey they still make Plastic Spray Paint, so, I'm OK with it.

Then I went thrifting all by myself!!! But, I will talk about that more later. I have some super fun projects I have to get done for Hannah's Birthday and I will show the progress of those as I go along.

Off to pull my black bean brownies from the oven..

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