Saturday, May 08, 2010

Busy Times

So much has been happening and I have not had a ton of time to update my blog. Facebook is much easier for me right now, but here is to hoping I can update my blog more often. Here is a list of what has been happening since September:
1. We filled up the enrollment! yeah, but that also explains the lack of time I have had lately!
2. Knitting is at a stand still, I am not too sad, this happens to me when I craft, I tend to change what I want to do a lot!
3. Had a fun trip at Christmas time, tried out a new Pizza place in Baker City, OR -- Piazanos, if you ever find yourself in Baker, you MUST go there!
4. Began the QRIS process for our business, basically a rating system similar to hotels and restaurants, only for childcare. It takes a long time to complete and a lot of work!
5. Applied for a grant to redo our yard into an outdoor learning environment!
6. Won the grant! Yeah!
7. Spending all of our free time redoing the backyard into an outdoor learning environment!
8. Learned how to use power tools and built my first ever project!
9. Going back to school in June, there will go the rest of my free time otherwise known as when I sleep!

I hope everyone is having a great spring (finally)!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Outdoor learning environment? Wow, sounds so promising! Can't wait to see :)