Monday, May 24, 2010

New Mirror

Saturday while we were on our way to Hannah's tumbling we passed a Garage Sale, it looked promising so on the way home we stopped.  I got this:

I thought it was wood, but I guess I didn't look closely enough and it 
was plastic:( Oh well, I got some plastic spray paint -- Espresso -- and then topped it with 
some Ivory Spray Paint, light distressing and tada:

A close up of the Distressing on the details:

This was the first piece I bought that I have refinished. 
It was so fun!


Blog is getting an overhaul! Yippee!!

Just changing how things are navigated and what I post and how it is sorted. I am kind of anal about sorting and organization. With all of the changes to the blog -- Scrapbooking blog, then family blog, then knitting blog, then nothing for a while and now a whatever I am doing blog I felt it needed a little more organization.

New tabs at the top make it easier to navigate to what you actually want to look at, like crafts, or decorating.

I have also added childcare stuff to the blog, so I will have ideas on centers, inexpensive ways to copy commercial daycare products and just random daycare stuff!

I hope you enjoy the "newest" direction!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Got the bestest compliment today!

Today was a fun, but cold and rainy/snowy day. We went shopping for wood so I can build this table while Larry is gone next weekend. And I bought myself a palm sander too!

Then we spotted a garage sale, I found this great mirror, needs a little paint and then it can hang out at the end of the hallway. When I found this mirror is when the best complement got given. I asked Larry what he thought and he said "I don't know what your style is anymore" (that's not the complement) and I said what? he goes "when you picked the color for the office wall I thought it was crazy, but it looks crazy good and I know you will do a good job so what I think doesn't matter" or something to that effect. The walls in the office make me feel like I am in a glass of chocolate milk, in case you were wondering, and that is a good thing!

So Mirror for $7, though it was a wood frame, got it home realized it was plastic, but hey they still make Plastic Spray Paint, so, I'm OK with it.

Then I went thrifting all by myself!!! But, I will talk about that more later. I have some super fun projects I have to get done for Hannah's Birthday and I will show the progress of those as I go along.

Off to pull my black bean brownies from the oven..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I should be doing Laundry

And yes, Laundry in our house is spelled with a capital letter!

Instead of doing laundry I spent some time catching up on Blogs, finding new fun ones to read and being VERY inspired! I have not been super inspired in a long time crafty wise so I am very excited to have inspiration again!

The first thing I did was head on over to dollar store crafts -- I found this blog a week ago and immediately had to go to the dollar store.

There I found these:

Added a little black spray paint. And came up with these:

While I had the black matte finish spray paint out, I painted this not sure what I was going to do.

Then I saw all the silhouettes all over the place. I love a good silhouette, in fact that is what we made all the childcare Mom's for their Mother's Day Present! But, I had already painted the box black and the traditional way is to make the silhouette black, and I wanted something a little different anyway.

So I found some "antique" clip art (my original idea was a page from an antique book, but I am loath to rip apart books for anything) and

cut out a silhouette of Hannah

and then used a little mod-podge, added a H

and tada, a silhouette box, my way!

And, here it all is put together!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Busy Times

So much has been happening and I have not had a ton of time to update my blog. Facebook is much easier for me right now, but here is to hoping I can update my blog more often. Here is a list of what has been happening since September:
1. We filled up the enrollment! yeah, but that also explains the lack of time I have had lately!
2. Knitting is at a stand still, I am not too sad, this happens to me when I craft, I tend to change what I want to do a lot!
3. Had a fun trip at Christmas time, tried out a new Pizza place in Baker City, OR -- Piazanos, if you ever find yourself in Baker, you MUST go there!
4. Began the QRIS process for our business, basically a rating system similar to hotels and restaurants, only for childcare. It takes a long time to complete and a lot of work!
5. Applied for a grant to redo our yard into an outdoor learning environment!
6. Won the grant! Yeah!
7. Spending all of our free time redoing the backyard into an outdoor learning environment!
8. Learned how to use power tools and built my first ever project!
9. Going back to school in June, there will go the rest of my free time otherwise known as when I sleep!

I hope everyone is having a great spring (finally)!