Friday, September 18, 2009

Stash Busting!

So, in all my excitement for Christmas Knitting, I have decided to do a little -- ok, a lot, of stash busting! My stash is not overly huge, but, I do need to use this yarn I have already bought:) (so I can buy more!)

Already I have knit a few things, a hat , a soap holder ,
a purse and I finished the socks I started back in July. I have also started another hat ( I am thinking I will have a lot of hats for Christmas Presents!) and a Henley T-shirt! For the Henley, I am using the yarn from Dahlia that I have to frog due to an extreme size change! Yeah for weight loss!

In all my stash busting excitement I spent the last few days going through my stash, finding patterns that are good for the yarn and matching them up; this is what my office floor looks like right now:

I can't wait to get started, there are some very cool patterns in that pile!

I also tried recycling yarn for the first time! I found 5 sweaters, 3 of which would not work (they were all felted and tough to pull apart and the yarn was breaking) the other 2 I got tons of yarn from. Some pink for a sweater for Hannah and a TON of gray for something, not sure what yet!

On a different note, Handmade, one on the LYS I go to, is closing! :( On the bright side, everything is 50% off! Yeah yarn shopping spree:)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! 50% off?! Good thing you are working on that stash! There needs to be room for all the new great yarn!

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