Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's time again!

It is time to figure out my Christmas Knitting. Now that we are back to all our swim/cheer/tumbling/soccer activities I have my knitting time back:) I must figure out my list of knitting and what else I need to get done. Every year I have done the same thing, but, a different style for everyone. One year it was dishcloths, another hats, scarves. I have made (not knitted) blankets. I have also done calendars and other fun stuff. Not sure what to do this year. Mittens sound like fun. I love Bella's Mittens and they would be quick and involve cables (my fav!). I could also do some more hats, you can never have enough hats, and I have 10 in my Q right now. I did see hot bottle covers -- they look cool and could work for a few of the gifts (in laws).

Just not sure at this moment.

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Anonymous said...

I plan on doing tree skirts and tree ornaments. I found some easy great patterns for free on line.