Thursday, August 27, 2009

WOW how time flies.

Summer is almost over -- yeah for school starting, nay for cold weather -- and it has been a super fun, busy and adventurous summer. We have not had a lot of down time and I think that maybe we are being forced to do that right now, but, more on that later.

I thought I would do my last few months in a little picture montage -- I am sorry if you have a slow connection -- it may take a while to load.

Looking back, my last post was in March! yikes. So our spring and summer went as follows:


A trip to Spokane, Larry ran Bloomsday, Kids rode the carosuel.

Hannah took off her traing wheels.

And we planted a HUGE garden.

But, that's not all folks:

The kids ran a race

Hannah turned 7

Larry and I went up to Ketchum for the Sawtooth Relay. Larry's team name is the Hash Brownies (they are in a running group called the Hash and they dressed as brownies HA HA)

Hannah finally lost her first tooth:)

We got a bunny -- mini lop/rex mix named Magic Carrot

The kids (and us) ran in another race!

The garden grew and grew!

It was Anders day at Flying Pie (last in the family to have his day, so very exciting for him)

4th of July

Harvesting the Garden

My SIL sent me some yummy yarn for my Birthday!

My birthday trip to Emigrant Springs and other parts of Oregon.

Got some yummy yarn on my Birthday Trip

Worked on some socks on my Birthday Trip

Visited "our tree" on the greenbelt

More from the garden! Holy Cow!

Hannah in a parade with her Cheer leading group.

Went to the zoo for the first time in a looooooooooong time -- had to see the new animals.

Anders first roller coaster ride

Went to Lagoon and saw my brother and family

Finished something -- a scarf

Found this REALLY HUGE ZUCCHINI in the garden (today) have no idea where it came from! 17 in long and 12 in around.

Oh, and Larry got Chicken Pox, yikes! Hence the forced "down time"

So, that is our update, at least what I have pictures of -- we also have been to a couple of weddings (missing one this weekend due to chicken pox) the kids went to their first sleepover camp (huge success)!