Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The title sums up the last few months and why I have not been here! We have gotten really busy work wise and with the kids. So much has gone on!

I made it through Lent:) Yeah! The upside, well, there really is not a downside, but now when I feel like eating out it feels like a huge extravagance, not just an every day thing! So yeah!

Knitting wise I have not really done much. I made a tank for Hannah. My sweater got frogged (not a horrible thing, more on that later). Other than that I think my projects are all going backwards. At least it feels that way!

We went to Spokane in May and Sun Valley in June and this weekend we are going on a surprise trip for my Birthday!

The big news, we have started clean eating, in the process I have lost over 60 lbs!!! yeah! (that is why I had to frog the sweater -- way too big:)

I think that is all and cannot wait to share pictures of our trip this weekend!