Friday, March 06, 2009

Knitting and Lent

Since the kiddos and I have switched to a Lutheran Church I have been learning so much -- Lent being one of those things learned. The churches we have attended in the past have never celebrated Lent, they haven't even talked about it and what Lent is. So, I have learned about Lent and I love things that are steeped in tradition and ceremony (Why I never visited a sacramental church before is beyond me) so, naturally I love Lent. I have been having lots of discussions on what one is supposed to do during Lent and I came up with my own little thing I will do for Lent. I decided that every year I will pick something in my life that needs to change -- eating habits, spending habit etc -- and then choose something specific I can work on. This year I chose to not eat out for the 40 days of Lent. I am not also taking Sundays off as some people have told me I could do (maybe I think that it does not mean as much if I take breaks:) Instead of eating out -- which we do ALOT -- I am spending the time each night (or most of them) to cook dinner for my family and learning to take snacks with us when we are running errands for the day. My hope is to make this a permanent change. I would like to save the amount we spend on eating out and also eat healthier at the same time. I did tell Larry the other night I don't thing I can give up Mexican Resturants forever -- I can make most other things at home and they taste as good if not better that resturant foods, but Mexican has a special flavor I cannot seem to replicate.

Well, that is what I gave up. I also wanted to add some sort of positive thing. So, since I love knitting and I knit an amazing amount of time every day I chose to take an hour of my knitting time and make something for charity. I have been involved in the Hand in Hand program at the library near us for a while, but I have been doing what I think is the minimum of effort towards the goal of clothing the areas homeless with warm items. Since I added the hour of knitting for charity each day, I have made a dozen scarves and several hats! It is amazing how much knitting I actually do:)

On a non Lent note, I have been working on a few new patterns that should be perfected in the next few weeks. I am getting pretty far on Dahlia and my Hemlock Ring Blanket (Which I LOVE). I am also almost done with the 2nd sparkly sock. Oh, and I crocheted my first Granny Square. SP13 is wrapping up and I am trying to decide if I want to go another round. I have so much fun with the Secret Pal Swaps, I am just not sure If I can commit this time. So, I have a decision to make!

Have a wonderful day, we are enjoying some late winter snow right now, in fact here is the view out my window! So Pretty:)

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Story Teller said...

Tami, you are a wonderful writer and knitter. Say, did you get a chance to take a picture of Sarah's cupcake last night. For some odd reason (nothing to do with my camera skills, lol), there is no picture. Have a great one.... hugs