Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in the last week

I have done a lot:)

  • I finished my Errant Socks and they look fabulous. They are my best pair so far and fit PERFECTLY!

  • I started another pair of socks with my sparkly yarn from the previous post.
  • I ordered the yarn for the Hemlock Ring blanket from Knit Picks. I am not very paitiently waiting for it:)
  • I bought the yarn for Dahlia and started knitting it on Friday. My goal is to have it done in 1 month!

I also need to send out my last SP13 package. I am trying to decide what I should send and am having trouble. I keep thinking a theme package would be fun. Maybe send out a box of Idaho stuff (local yarn, candies, postcards and misc stuff) since this is the reveal package where my pal gets to find out who I am!


Sarah Anne said...

Wow, you really have been productive! I finished my nephew's beanie Saturday night.. haven't picked up needles since then. I really need to get my sweater done so I can show it off!!! :) See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Nice. You have really been busy. I have your package all put together. I just have to get it out in the mail.

Your Secret Pal