Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Larry's Slippers

I knit Larry's Christmas Slippers this week. I made it until tonight in secret -- Larry had not asked any questions about what I was knitting until they were finished, then "are those for you?" I had to answer no and then he asked who they were for -- I answered "uhhhhhhh" and he figured it out! So, I had him try them on -- super loose in the heel and way to long -- he has small feet -- I had thought we were about the same size and knit them to fit me -- but, alas his feet are smaller than mine. So I threw them in the washer to see if they will felt. We will see in a few minutes:)

If they felt too much -- they will fit Hannah and I am back to the drawing board for a pair of men's slippers:)

ETA: one quick wash cycle and they are a much better fit -- felted just enough to tighten up:)


knittinwolf said...

Very nice slippers!

Anonymous said...

Nice job!! I know they'll keep Larry's feet nice and warm this winter.

Your Secret Pal