Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love Christmas Baking, every year I love it and every year I look for new recipes of delicious cookies I can make. So, this year, was different. I had to find cookies that didn't use egg, or figure out how to sub for the egg. I came up with a list of mostly shortbread type cookies with some candy thrown in the mix. Alas, there is snow forecast up until and including Christmas -- so no Christmas Candy, but I did make a ton of cookies this weekend:)

Here are some yummy pictures of Snoballs, Cornflake Cookies, Chocolate Chip Tumbprints, Cherry Shortbread, Almond Butter Cookies and Jeweled lace Cookies. Snoballs I make every year and everything else is new. The Jeweled Lace Cookies will make an apperance every year from now on too!

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knittinwolf said...

I made snowballs yesterday! I've been making cookies all month...they're coming out of my ears! So fun though! Ooooh those cornflake ones are dangerous...right to the hips!:) Yumm! Take care!