Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving is next Thursday!

I know this is most obvious to people, but, next Thursday is Thanksgiving -- I am hosting it at my house for the very first time! I wasn't nervous, but, now I am. I only have to make the Turkey and trimmings -- my Mom is bringing the Pies and rolls and my Aunt is bringing Jello Salad and veggies. So really, nothing to be stressing about. My big fear -- I forget to make something important, like stuffing!

Anyway, stress always brings out the knitting bug.

This week so far I have finished A and H's hats for Christmas. H's Flare Ribbed Scarf -- cute, the hat -- cute, but, when you put it on, you can't tell that there is a flare:( Oh Well! I think I will try and make a skirt pattern using decreasing ribs -- the hat 1/2 way done looked like a cute little doll skirt.

This morning I started the slippers for my SIL. They are turning out so cute.

I just finished knitting the first one and onto the second! That means, most of my knitting I have to mail, can go out right after Thanksgiving. If only I could finish making my Christmas Cards and I could be ahead this year;)

I was going to knit my MIL and FIL some slippers too, but, they are having a hard time moving around and most of their house is smooth floors -- I would feel horrible if something I made them caused them to slip and fall down stairs! So, no slippers! They will have to be content with Hats and Scarves and other not foot sized items:)

Hope everyone is doing great!


Ariel said...

You'll do great!! Relax and have fun!!

Anonymous said...

I like what you have made so far. In reference to the slippers, you could put puff paint on the bottom of the slippers once they're felted to give traction or sew/glue some type of leather sole on the bottom.

I already have a few things picked out for you, which I think you will like.

Don't worry about tomorrow, everything will be fine and your turkey will turn out great. I hope you have a marvelous Thanksgiving!!!

Your Secret Pal !!