Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One More down!

I finished my SIL's Slippers today, they are super cute! I used the Fireside Footsies Pattern from Ravelry. Last time I knit this pattern I used Noro -- Not a fan of how Noro felts. This time I used Pations SWS. The slippers turned out so cute and they felted wonderfully! They are a nice sturdy fabric!

Now, I just Have Larry's Slippers and Mittens for both the kiddos left! Yeah! Then I can knit something I want:)

I am all ready for tomorrow too! The giblets are cooking as we speak and The turkey is defrosted and I have everything else I need:) Once I got all my groceries I felt a lot less anxious about cooking Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Hannah had a feast today at school and her teacher said they could dress up as Pilgrims or Indians. This is what we came up with for Pilgrim Hannah!
Behind Hannah you can kind of see the new wall color! The house is almost finished being painted -- only the bathroom is left:)


Anonymous said...

The slippers are beautiful!! They turned out great. Hannah looks adorable. Have fun tomorrow.

Your Secret Pal

MarieAngel said...

Hannah looks adorable in that costume. I bet she had a blast.

Very nice taupe color on the wall. Means it won't clash with anything. :)