Monday, November 03, 2008

Knitting Craziness:)

I was getting ready to post and looked at what I posted last -- I have knit a TON since the 29th:) So, here is a quick rundown of projects over the past few days. Quant, Calorimetry, Vermont Felted Bag, Ribbed Hat are all projects I finished over the past few days. Quant is for my MIL for Christmas, and the Ribbed Hat is for my FIL for Christmas. Quant is my first enterlac project -- a lot easier than I thought it would be and so much fun! Quant is made with Noro Aurora from my stash and the Ribbed hat with some Stash Cascade 220. Calorimetry was to use up a ball of Cascade Fixation (Which I surprisingly Loved). The Vermont Felted Bag was to use up more stash -- Louet Riverstone -- and will probably be given to Hannah for Christmas.

Yesterday I started my first Knitted Afghan -- I have been wanting to make one for my grandpa, but, I am a little worried about the tendency I have to not finish large projects for years. But, then I found the River and Woods Afghan in the New Holiday edition of Interweave Knits. I love this afghan -- knit on super big needles and with cables and enterlac:)
So far it is keeping me interested and going pretty fast -- I am about 30% done with it already! It is being knit with Red Heart Soft Yarn, and, I have to admit, I like the yarn. It is soft and looks beautiful in this pattern. I know, I just admitted to liking an acrylic -- EEK!-- but, for an afghan, I guess acrylic makes the most sense:)

Ok, so I am in the middle of typing and I hear the words "I am making a flood of Root Beer" come out of my sons mouth from the dining room. Thankfully he didn't have root beer, but a flood of Sprite is just as bad. Why oh why do boys do things like make floods of soda all over the table in the dining room?

Anyway, while on the subject of frustration, I will bring up another -- LACE. Right now that is a four letter word in my house. You should hear me say it, it totally sounds like a swear word. I have been trying to knit some lace projects -- I tried the branching out scarf -- UGH! I tried the Brighton Bag -- UGH! And on Friday I tried Juno Regina -- UGH! I would really love to knit some beautiful lace, but, for some reason, I can't! I have knit lace patterns in worsted just fine, but anything smaller and I screw it up! UGH! So Lace is on the back burner for a while and maybe someday I will master that:)

Of course Friday was Halloween and the kids were so cute:) Hannah was Cinderella (princess again!) and Anders was Obie Wan Kanobie. We went down Harrison Blvd trick or treating. In Boise Harrison is the place to go -- there are so many trick or treaters and the whole experience is like they portray Halloween in the movies -- tons of kids, candy, beautiful fall foliage, houses decorated to the nines and even the adults wear costumes. It was so much fun and a little crazy at the same time. I do have to say that there is just something about walking around and hearing the crunch of leaves under your feet. I love Fall!

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