Monday, November 10, 2008


I found a pattern somewhere, yesterday and I can't find it again! Agh! It was for a ribbed scarf that started out with K3P3 rib and then decreased down to a K2P2 rib. it gave a little flare to each end of the scarf and I was going to adapt it for Hannah's Christmas Scarf, Hat and Mittens set, using the flare idea on all three things, but, I cannot find the pattern anymore and I can't remember if I saw it in a book, magazine or online! AGH!

Just had to let the frustration out, and if you have seen such a pattern, please let me know where!

ETA 11/11/08 -- I found the pattern in my Knit2Together Book -- it is the scarf part of the Grownup Bonnet! Yeah!

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