Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bad Blogger

Bad Blogger!! No No! That is me!!!!

So a quick update is in order, SP12 is almost over, I am awaiting a reveal package from my upstream partner and the my reveal package is on its way to my downstream partner! Yeah!

The add-on is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That has been a major time sucker for the last year and especially the last few weeks -- hence the bad blogger. I will post some pics as soon as everything is all put away, right now it looks like craziness.

The kiddos are doing great at school and started swimming lessons this last week.

I have done a bunch of scrapbooking -- all caught up through August 2008! Knitting - I made a dishcloth for an exchange, that is all. As soon as the office/craft room in the add-on is all put together I will be finishing Hannah's Knee Highs.

I think that is all -- sorry for the sporadic and sometimes prolonged absences from the blog world:)

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Dani Pace said...

If my carpet cleaner gets done before 5, I promise to make it to the post office today to mail your package. I swear I have lost all sanity in my life. But I think I glimpse some coming on the horizon. I get to go to a fiber fair this weekend!