Wednesday, September 03, 2008

a Long update

This summer has been so busy and super fun! I have not gotten a lot of knitting done, but, I have a bunch of scrapbooking done and the kids and Larry and I had so much fun:)

Last weekend we went to visit my brother and his family in Salt Lake City. Anders Birthday was on Saturday while we were there and we went to the Zoo and then Bowling for his Birthday. The trip was also part of his birthday, I asked Anders if he wanted to visit his cousin Kalleb or go to Raoring Springs for his Birthday and he picked Kalleb! So, after a super fun Birthday, Sunday we spent the morning at IKEA -- My new love!-- Then we went to the Childrens Mesuem at the Gateway Mall! The Childrens Meusem was so much fun, the kids love all the exibits and there was even some fun things for the grown ups too. I can say a lot more about IKEA, I love IKEA, Love IKEA LOVE IKEA. This was my first chance to visit the store, I have always bought online, but we spent 3 hours at IKEA on Sunday and there was still stuff I never looked at! It was a great weekend, even though I missed going to any yarn shops, we still had a lot of fun!

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Dani Pace said...

IKEA is my favorite store too! I get to go there on the 20th to buy Garbage cans. I wish it was closer. Any small requests from IKEA for your package. (Something small that could shipped easily.) I think I will send it off after I go down and do the reveal package at the same time.