Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm So excited!

I get to go out by myself tonight:) If you have kids, you understand! I am only going scrapbooking, but, I get to have a few hours of kid free time and hang out with some other friends having a few hours of kid free time -- what is better that that:)


Dani Pace said...

Yeah! I took my oldest to knitting night because we had 3 days without tantrums. Next time she stays at home. We all need our sanity night every now and again.

smariek said...

Hope you enjoyed your freedom! I understand completely how you feel.

jezzabell said...

I do understand... I am still on maternity leave (24 hour with my little ones) but soon I am going back to my job (of course only part time) and I would never say I will be so happy... just a little bit of a rest... and then back with my sweathearts... gives you time to miss them as well