Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I told you I had a lot to post about, so here we go:)

Hannah had a super busy week last week, she graduated Kindergarten and turned 6! Her graduation ceremony was so cute! Class of 2020 -- I bet there is some sort of cute slogan to go with that! For her birthday we took her and a few friends to see Kung Fu Panda, which was a super cute movie! She got to open presents 4 different times -- At our house, when Aunt Lauries came, at Grandma and Pops and with her friends! She thought her Birthday was for the weekend and not just on Saturday!

I was busy this last week too, so busy in fact I didn't have any time to knit! None at all! I got all the PTO stuff handed off to the new president! Thank you! The PTO gave me a parting gift:) A 1 night stay at a Hampton Inn and $50 to P.F. Chang's! That was so sweet of them, and Larry and I cannot wait to use it:)

While I did not get any knitting time in, I did manage to have a little stash enhancement time! I stopped by Fuzz and got some yummy sock yarn. And, after I saw the sale flyer for Michaels, I had to go stock up on Cotton. $1 each! I have this thing, if it is a dollar, it is really hard to pass up! The only sad thing, I wanted solids and all they had left were ombres, which I have a ton of, but, they may get more in by the end of the week, so I will stop by again!

Larry is leaving town for the Sawtooth Relay this weekend and the kids and I are going to relax and have some fun, without too much driving:) There is a thing called Eagle Fun Days this weekend -- but the gas, AH! So, I think we will have a lot of fun close to home -- maybe movie night with banana splits:)

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