Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some FO's and more yarn!!!

I finished 2 dishcloths and started a market bag! Yeah, no more stalling on the knitting!

I also hit Michaels again and bought more Cotton -- like I need anymore, but $1! Who can pass that up:)

The kids and I had a blast today! We planned a really fun day since Larry is out of town. First, Karate for Anders, then a Birthday Party at a friends house. Then, we went to WWKIP day at Puffy Mondaes! Yeah! That was a blast. We knit a little and talked a lot and bought some yarn too:) I picked up some Louet Riverstone and some Cotton Fleece (they didn't carry the cotton fleece last time I made it out to Nampa, so I am super excited that I can find it somewhat close to me). After WWKIP, the kids and I had to stop by Ewephoria, since we were in Nampa, we had to, I'm serious, really. I didn't find much there, just the Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting, no yarn that just screamed, buy me. Oh Well!

Also, Secret Pal 12, the first question of the week! They asked: What is your favorite summertime drink? I say, I love sun tea. My mom and I used to take this HUGE jar and fill it with water and then put a ton of tea bags in it and set it in the sun for a few hours. It makes the yummiest tea ever! I don't like to sweeten the tea, but, I love my tea nice and strong. We have always used just pain old Lipton tea, but nothing tastes better on a hot day than a nice icy cold glass of sun tea!

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