Friday, May 30, 2008


Hannah had her first ever Dance Recital on Wednesday! It was so cute, the girls were all adorable in their little pink tutu's! Hannah had a ton of fun, and after all my worries about stage fright, Hannah is a total stage hog. She kept trying to get back up on stage during the intermissions and after the performances were all over! Once, she even said she had to go on stage during another performance to help them:)

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Jenn said...

What a cute picture!!!!

I am a hostess for SP12. When verified your blog I saw that you were a PTA president. If you don;t mind.... I would love to pick your brain about something.

If its ok with you, would you email me at jenn AT kntwitmomma DOT com

Thanks! Oh, and the reason that I took the time to read through your blog was because I lived in Boise for a bit. I went to BSU and met my husband while I was in school there. We just got back from a trip to Boise and Ketchum. My BIL lives in Ketchum. It's always nice to visit there!