Friday, April 18, 2008

I really knit a sock yesterday

I wasn't kidding in my post yesterday! I really went and knit a sock, it was super relaxing! I used the Bob's Party Sock Pattern from Ravelry. Very cute. And, yes, I modified it:) I only used 3 repeats in the foot part instead of the suggested 4. Then after I turned the heel, I began a ribbing and made a short sock. After I did that I tried to decide if I have been making short socks because I don't like to knit the leg part or I don't like to have sock above my ankles! After much soul searching, I don't like sock above my ankles! So, all my socks will be shorties and I will not feel any guilt for not following a pattern exactly! Does anyone else feel guilt when they change a designers pattern?

as a side note, Hannah was home when I was taking pictures and she is a total picture hog! So, her foot is in the picture with mine! I could not get a picture without it:) She kept sneaking in her foot at the last moment!

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Ariel said...

Aren't kids too funny. Cute sock and cute Hannah toes.