Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yeah, almost finished!

It is getting super exciting, I finished clue 6 of the Mystery Jacket KAL! It was supposed to be a slip stitch color piece, I am only using one color for the jacket so mine is just a beautiful texture piece. I am so glad that the next clue is the last clue, it comes at a great time too! I will be finished next week -- hopefully -- and will be able to get it to my Mother in Law! She just sent the check to pay for the kids school tuition this week, so what a great thank you gift:)

The only thing I am worried about -- I still have 6 skeins of the yarn left, we started with 10! EEK! Hopefully I am not using all 6 on the last clue, it would take forever to knit.

In Other news, Larry's sweater is almost done too! I started the sleeves last night and should finish those lickety split:) Now, there is a small, or should I say too big, problem with the sweater. When I started knitting it I had not paid much attention to the measurements of the sizes, just picked the XL size and started knitting. Now that the body of the sweater is done, it is a little big, hopefully he can still wear it, if not, it fits me! So my question about this is, is it normal for the XL size to have a measurement of 54" for the chest? Most of the other patterns I have, 54" would be 3x or 4x.

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