Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have a confession....

I have a deep dark secret, I have NEVER made a pom pom before! I know, WOW! How have I made it this far in life without making a pom pom? Well, today was the day to mark that off my checklist of things to learn. I said to myself, "How hard can it be! It is just a puff of yarn, I can make magic with yarn!" (as you can see sometimes my EGO is a little big). Anyways, I found the instructions and happily set about making a pom pom and ended up with little bits of hot pink yarn all over the couch, my clothes and the floor. So I found new directions, tried those and had the same results. I figured that I was having a hard time holding the yarn all in the pom pom area, my hands were cramping at this point from holding the yarn way too tight while trying to cut it. So I had an lightbulb moment -- this is what I came up with:

Ingenious, no? yeah for Binder clips! After a bunch of maneuvering, I ended up with this:

A beautiful Hot Pink Pom Pom for the top of my beautiful Snowball Hat. The pom pom is not quite the size I would like, but, I am not going to make another one! Ugh! pom pom's are now on my list of things I have done, but I may never make another one, except Hannah was running around the house with is saying "I want Pom Pom's!!"

I love this hat, and I think Katrina will too! I did steal an Idea from someone else though, I was reading a blog a fellow knitter writes and her husband models her knitwear for her! What a wonderful idea, it is super difficult to take a picture of yourself wearing a hat, so Larry is making his modeling debut! Before we know it, he will be a finalist on America's Next Top Model or that other one about supermodels on Bravo!


mari said...

Me neither!
One day.

The hat is very cute. What a great guy to model that pink hat! :)


Miss Me said...

clever use of office supplies. we use binder clips as "chip clips", too. full marks to larry for being a good sport! the hat looks great.