Thursday, February 14, 2008

I DID IT~!!!!~

So normally I don't yell on my blog posts, but, I DID IT!!!

In all my knitting, I have never, never, ever made a sweater that had to be seamed. I have made other things, where the seaming did not matter for looks, but not one where I actually had to know how to seam correctly. So, I have been making a sweater vest for my Nephews birthday -- which is also the first "baby" item I have knitted, but that is beside the point! Back to making the sweater vest -- I finished up the front yesterday and tried to seam up the shoulders like it calls for in the pattern, using the "wrong" way to sew up the edges -- more like for sewing than for knitting. I ripped it out 4 times and then I went to Normally I love that site, and I did learn how to do the Mattress stitch, but that is for the sides, not the shoulders. They did not have a shoulder seaming video, I was in dispair (no video), denial(I will get this done on my own) and hopeful anticipation (I might have an excuse to go to the LYS this weekend). So I searched google (gotta love them) and found 2 pictures on some random website on sewing a shoulder seam. Still did not get it. UGH!!!!! So I walked away, the best thing to do when you want to send said sweater vest through the shredder next to the computer (I don't handle frustration well)
**A Few hours Later**

I come back to the cursed sweater vest, and think about the mattress stitch and figure that If I just turn the stitch sideways and use the v's instead of the bars, I can sew it together that way, and it worked, I am so excited, I cannot believe it worked!

So now, here is a picture of the seam -- I know it is not award quality by any means, but, I am excited and ready to move on!


CynicalGal said...

Congratulations!! Good job, you can do it. It is such a feat to sew a seam for the first time.

Miss Me said...

yay!!! you did it! good job, too. (for future reference - the other thing that is great for shoulders is a three needle cast off / bind off. if there are "steps" for the shoulder, it can be treated like a short row... no - it is not as confusing as it might sound.)