Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Homemade is better

Larry and the kids bought me a ball winder for Christmas. I love it and used it a few times, even without a swift for the yarn, I was using a laundry basket turned upside down, it kept the yarn from tangling but went very slow! One day Larry asked if he thought we could make a swift. I figured a little internet searching would come up with a pattern to make a swift. We found so many, from making one with Tinker Toys to buying a pattern and making a real live umbrella swift! There was also one that was HUGE! I like it, but it would not fit in my craft area!

We settled on this one. It is great, comes apart easy, quick to make and it cost nothing, Larry used scraps of wood from the garage to build. I do think eventually I will want one made with good wood and made to look pretty, as well as function.

Here are the pics of the new ball winder, and the yarn (Reynolds Sea Wool) after it has been wound into a ball. The swift moved very well, never getting caught and the yarn wound into a ball almost effortlessly.


Miss Me said...

i've had a ball winder for years but i'm putting "swift" on mr. me's "honey do" list. i don't ask much of him, so hopefully he will oblige. : )

gea said...

what a nice bag,whit the beads i love it!!