Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Funny Story...

So, today Hannah brings home a picture frame that she made for me and her Dad. I thought is was so beautiful, in a way that only a Mother could! Anyway, my husband, bless his heart says, look at the back. I turn the frame around and low and behold I get the shock of my life -- in Big Bold Kindergarten Handwriting it says "I love you bad mom" I gasp, my husband laughs. After several moments of me feeling like a horrible mom, and, wondering what the heck her teacher thought when she saw bad mom on the back of the picture frame, my husband explains: you know how 5 year olds sometimes mix up their d's and b's. I immediately got the meaning, I guess it was supposed to say dad mom. Not, bad mom. Hopefully.

So cute!

I really thought I was doing a good job!

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Miss Me said...

very sweet... i'm sure that larry is right - it is meant to say "dad". heck - my 12 year old still sometimes turns his letters around!