Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Already!

This week has been flying by, I can't believe the weekend is almost here! I am ready for it too:)
I have been busy with knitting this week. Not only did I finish the sweater vest, but, I made another scarf out of the novelty yarn stash.
I also found this cute pattern for baby booties! I love them, super easy and fast to make and so many options on style.

Last Friday, (I know, a little late on posting this, but, the supplies just came from the car to the house this afternoon! ) I taught a class on card making! It was a blast and these are the designs I came up with to teach!
I also went to Ewephoria over the weekend and of course I bought some new yarn!

Dive Butterfly in the 40377 Colorway

elsebeth lavold Hempathy in color 13!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Oh Oh! I almost forgot! I made some pretty stitch markers this week too:) I was experimenting to find some for my Defeat the Winter Doldrums Swap Partner!

Just For Fun

For my Swap Partner:)

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Jane Doe Jenn said...

Those stitch markers are ravishing! I'm sure your secret partner will adore them! I wouldn't mind learning how to do that one day. Still learning how to knit for now....