Saturday, February 02, 2008

Busy busy bee

Today and this week has been crazy, I have been going from the moment I wake until after I make dinner and then I just want to collapse:) I have been working on some knitting, the beastly sweater for Larry is coming along, slowly, but it is coming along. I also started an Eros shawl, not my most favorite yarn ever, but, the shawl is going to be beautiful:) I have also started a Cabled sweater vest for my nephew, AJ, for his birthday in a few weeks. It is turning out super cute and can't wait to finish it!

I also found another swap, the Longing for Spring Swap. Go check it out, they are taking sign ups till Valentines day, or they reach 40 swappers!

As for the contest, I have 120 entries, HOLY COW, that is more, way more than I thought I would have! I had to move all the names to another basket, it runneth over!

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Miss Me said...

congratulations on all the contest entries! i finished up with 115 - YIKES!!! i opted for a random number generator... ; )