Monday, January 07, 2008

a Little bit of this, a little bit of that

My winter dream is coming true this week -- we have been getting snow, snow and more snow. With more snow to come tonight and tomorrow! I love SNOW! It has been forever since we have had this much snow in one year, but, I think it might be worth the wait! I will post a picture after the huge snowfall tomorrow!

We also have some big news, at least to us! We got a .............Wii on Sunday:) I have to say it is probably the coolest electronic after the iPod! The kids are having a blast on it as I write this. I have to wait until they go to bed to play:)

Knitting wise, I am joining a KAL on Ravelry, the mystery Jacket KAL! I can't wait for that to start, I think I will knit it for my MIL for Christmas next year! Tonight I will be casting on for some felted slippers for me, my feet have been super cold with all the snow on the ground! I am loving the Candle Flame Scarf as well.

Larry is our running with the HHH tonight and the kids and I have a lot to do, so, see you all later:)

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