Saturday, January 12, 2008


I haven't posted about my knitting in a while, so here is what I finished last night and something I am working on!

These are some slippers made out of Noro Kueryon! I love these slippers, they are keeping my little tootsies warm. The Noro did not felt as well as I wanted it to, the slippers went into the washer the same size, but, the right slipper need two more complete cycles to felt as small as the left slipper and the both had 4 complete cycles before that! I do like the colorway, they are beautiful without being too much and they came out of the washer soft and fuzzy. I used this pattern: Fireside Footsies!

This is a Candle Flame Scarf. I love how it is turning out in this varigated yarn from SWTC. It is something I got off of Ebay. The lady that sold it to me said it is a soy/wool blend that she got at the SWTC outlet. She said it probably was a prototype that they ended up not making! I have 4 skeins of it -- not sure of the yardage, but there is quite a bit. I love the feel and it is knitting like a dream.

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