Thursday, December 27, 2007

We have been adopted

A few weeks ago we looked outside and there was a cat in our backyard. This is nothing unusual -- there are a lot of cats roaming in out neighborhood, but, this one kept coming to the door and when the kids would go outside she would stay and play with them. There was a collar on her, but it was super tight and there were not any tags. So, we fed her. She was so cute and freezing, we had to do something! The next morning there was another cat with her and we fed them both. The next morning there was yet another cat, and we fed all three. About this time I was starting to wonder if we were going to find one more cat every morning at our back door. The next morning there were only 3 still and I was happy -- we had already gone through 1 small bag of cat food by now and I had just bought a huge bag at Costco to keep these kitties in food. So, we now have 3 cats -- they want to come inside, but with my severe cat allergies, they have to stay out. They will let us pick them up and pet them and they will play with my kids, they must be out of the loop because most cats run from the kids:)

So meet, Princess, Tiger and Dreamsicle -- yes we named them:)

We think that Princess is the mom and the other two are her babies! The sad part is we were going to get them spayed and called the Humane Society and let them know we were taking care of some strays and could we get them in to make sure they are all fixed. They said sure, for $60 each! You would think that the Humane Society would just do it, so they did not incur the costs of housing and feeding more cats!

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow - I didn't realize it was so expensive to have them spayed! It's nice of you to feed them - they are adorable!