Monday, December 31, 2007

As this year comes to a close...

I was thinking this morning about all that has happened in the last year! So, before the year ends I wanted to post tamiknits' top 10 happenings of the last year! These may not be the same ones that People or Time will publish, but they are significant none the less:)

  1. Anders loosing his first tooth!
  2. Hannah starting Kindergarten.
  3. My re-discovery of a love for knitting.
  4. A more positive outlook on life.
  5. Making new friends
  6. Expanding our business in the first year!
  7. Idaho on the forefront of the news -- why is it always something stupid that gets us there?
  8. Lace knitting is fun, so I discovered.
  9. My In-Laws 50th wedding Anniversary party and scrapbook:)
  10. a new nephew to love!

I Hope you all enjoyed your years and can come up with 10 things that impacted you lives this year too!

1 comment:

NH Knitting Mama said...

Great list! I have enjoyed surfing around and reading people's reflections of the past year.

May you have a great New Year!