Thursday, November 01, 2007

Surprise and other things!

Yesterday as I was getting the kiddos in their costumes, the UPS man stopped by and there was a box for me. It was full of...............YARN!!! I had ordered some Peaches & Creme a few days ago along with some mystery grab bags from their factory and I was super surprised in what I found in the box:)

Not only did I get what I ordered -- the 3 skeins of Strawberry Cream and the 3 skeins of Rose Pink.
But, I got a whole bunch of other stuff in the 2 grab bags I ordered! There is a ton of cotton mill ends, most are enough to make cloths with. 2 full balls of cotton, Victorian Christmas and Potpourri. A small cone of honeysuckle Yarns Cotton. And then a whole bunch of various yarns, crochet cotton and something called Article 65?

Well, Halloween was also last night, the kids had a ton of fun with Tricker Treating at Larry's work and then that Harvest Festival. They has pony and horse rides, a camel and a petting zoo, obviously way more fun than candy since we ended up with almost nothing in the candy bags at the end of the night!
I could tell that Anders is growing up, when we walked past the "big Kids" area (i.e. teenagers) he looked at me and said "That looks like fun, can we go there?"

Anders was a race car driver and Hannah was a ballerina. I have always bought their costumes at Costco because they have the warm furry ones that are super cute. Not so this year -- they had dress up stuff being passed off as costumes and it was not very good either -- Hannah's dress ripped off half way through the night!

In other news.... Last night after the Harvest Festival, I watched Ghost Hunters Live, which I am glad I tivoed it since I fell asleep before it was over! Anyway, while I was watching I cleaned out my Craft corner and took some pictures so I could show all my friends my craft corner that will very soon be gone and I will have my own office/craft room in the add on we are building!
This is a full view of my craft corner.

My book shelf with craft magazines, craft books and completed scrapbooks!
My knitting station, the Rubbermaid tubs hold yarn, I need to get another one, and the basket on top has WIP's and notions!

This is my work space, normally it is covered in projects I need to finish!

This is the TOWER!!! It has all the little tools and pieces need for crafting. On the top is a accordion file I keep memorabilia in until I am ready to use it!

Inside and on top of the armoire! EEK!

Have a glorious first day of November!!!

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