Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sock no 2

I finished the 2nd sock!!!! Yeah! I am so excited. I figured I was doomed to forever have 1 knitted sock to put on, now, I have 2!

Even Better, they are both the same size and fit pretty good for my first ever pair!

Also, the 2nd sock knit up way faster than the first. So, my next pair should go super fast:)


Wendee said...

Hi - just stopping by to say Hi! I'm from Jerome and saw you on Ravelry. I'm now Seattle, but always happy to cross paths with peep from Idaho!

Yay for sock knitting! Nice work!

Mrs Coetser said...


Seems we chose the same food blog. What were the chances.

I finally completed my second sock this week. Was sitting with two sock with no partners!

Tami said...

I used to live in Seattle! How funny:)