Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

I normally go out at 5am shopping, but, this year I am still at home at 7:47am. I am going out, there was just nothing I had to get up that early for to freeze my little tooshie off waiting to get into a store. I am disappointed in the sales this year. It seems like the deals are not as good. Or maybe I am just looking for things that are not on sale. Also, the things I did really want, I ordered online yesterday. That is the coolest thing retailers have done in a long time -- make the Black Friday Sale prices available online on Thanksgiving!

On another note, the mall here in Boise did this 1am Shopping thing. I thought about going for about 10 seconds, then decided that it would not be worth it. But the article the Local Paper wrote is Here. Talk about some CRAZY People. Spending ALL DAY on Thanksgiving waiting to get into a Mall. Crazy.

So, off I go to shop, Socks at Fred Meyer. You can't pass up on the sock sale every year!

Have a wonderful Black Friday!

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