Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I am a winner!!

I opened my mailbox yesterday and there was a bright, big package in there. For a moment I was wondering what in the heck it could be, nobodies birthday is happening right now, so I was thinking that the mail lady had delivered to the wrong address! But, when I got inside I remembered that I had won Bingo on the Love 2 knit Dishcloth group! It was super exciting to open the package and find all the super cool goodies Kim had sent for me:)

There was a super cute cloth and scrubbie, I love the color ways on these:) 3 Balls of cotton yarn, some of it the self striping yarn that I had not seen yet. Some Kissables, Knitting needles (From Cheryl), a super cute pumpkin row counter (from Star), recipe cards and a sheep measuring tape (from Cheryl)! All of it came in a little pink purse -- which my daughter has already claimed as her own:)

Thanks so much Kim and Star and Cheryl:)

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