Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to school and lovin it


Well, Anders and Hannah went back to school this week and we all are loving it! The kids like both of their teachers and the house is so quiet, in a good way:) The down side of this week is when Hannah woke up for the first day of school, she had the flu all day! But, she got to have her own special First day of school on Tuesday!


Other than that I have been knitting Hannah's Skirt, it is from the Hip in Hemp Pattern on I also tried cables for the first time recently, I have to say, all of the things I thought would be hard about knitting are easy, it is just another version of the same stitch! So I decided to make a big cable for a scarf, I thought it would be fun. I am still working on it, it is knit with Wool Ease thick and Quick on size 15 needles. It is a 10 stitch scarf with a 3 stitch cable.


We also had some other good news since my last post, AJ went home from the hospital last Friday! That is a huge answer to our prayers. My Brothers Mother-in-Law made some really cool bracelets that say "Pray for A.J. Brannan" on them. They are cute and a good reminder to still pray for his full recovery everyday!.


Today was also Anders 7th Birthday! We celebrated with Krispy Kremes for his class at school and the we went to Flying Pie for Dinner. Larry built him a loft bed for his birthday. It is very cool and high!


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