Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby AJ Update

Thank you all for your prayers.
AJ was born with gastroscesis, where there is a hole in the stomach and some of the intestine develops outside of the body. He had a small portion outside, but inside he also had atresha, which is blockage in the intestines. In the first few months of his life he had 4 surgeries to correct his intestinal problems. On May 31st he was able to go home from the hospital after successfully eating and gaining weight.
On July 17th he was back in with complications due to high billy-rueben counts. While in the hospital he again developed severe blockage to his intestines and that is what the doctors were trying to fix for him.
He went into surgery at noon today and 6 hours later was done. The doctors removed some of the “bad” intestine, fixed a few hernias, removed the blockage and gave him a belly-button. The doctors say he is doing good and should fully recover from the surgery. Of course there are still the liver problems, but the medication he has been on in the hospital has been improving his counts and should correct the problems soon.
Thank you all for your prayers to help make AJ better! Again I am amazed by what prayer can do. There is nothing like the power of prayer.

Tami Olsen

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Steve said...

Thanks so much for the update! we are SO thankful the "God is on the move" in AJ's life. Although we have never met (we are friends of the Wiegel's and got their email), prayer for AJ was on our family's menu before breakfast Sunday morning! I can't wait to share with the Kids when they get back from VBS this morning, they will be SO excited!