Saturday, June 23, 2007

fun things going on...

Life has been pretty hectic lately -- Hannah and Anders are home for the summer, no school to break up the day and lots of boredom we are trying to break up with a few camps and play dates:) My in Laws are having their 50th wedding anniversary in July and we are going up to see them for that, I have been working on the invitations and their "gift" from the kids. Larry has been busy getting our application into planning and zoning to make our childcare a Family Group Home Childcare instead of just a Family Home Childcare:) He has also been dealing with workers coming to the house to get ready for the add-on in the back. This week we should be getting the playground all built and the play chips into the playground area:) I am so excited to have all the toys in one area of the yard and lots of open space for the kids to run around in.

Our garden is going great guns -- I was worried, every time I have tried to garden in the past, the evil black thumb has made its presence known! So this time I went with a few impossible to kill items -- Tomatoes and Zucchini. I hope I remember why I picked those vegetables in a few weeks when I am over run in Tomatoes and Zucchini. Also, our raspberry bushes have some blooms, only a few more months until those are ready to pick.

knitting wise, I have been working on a dishcloth -- I noticed I was getting a little low and need to make some more. Larry also wants me to knit him a sweater, so I got a pattern and some yarn to do that for him, It will probably be a Christmas Present this year.

Also, I got the coolest new scrapbooking tool this week. The Quickutz Silhouette Digital Craft cutter. If you like hand cut titles and die cuts, this is a must have for you. The Price in the stores is a little steep, but keep your eyes on Ebay for deals, that is how I got mine:)

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