Friday, June 08, 2007

A Birthday, a Graduation and a little trip

It has been so busy with Hannah's 5th Birthday, Anders Kindergarten Graduation and going to Sun Valley this weekend!

Hannah's had her birthday party last weekend on Saturday.

Of course it was a princess party! Her friends came over and we played some games (pin the jewel on the princess crown), made some princess hats and had tons of fun with a mermaid pinata in the backyard! After the party Grandma and Pops came over and wished Hannah a happy birthday. She had so much fun.

Anders graduated from kindergarten yesterday!

It was so cute and they had a little sign that said they were the class of 2019!

Wow! that seems so far away, but I know the time will pass quickly:) Next year with Anders in First grade and Hannah in Kindergarten I will also be the PTO president at their school.

It has been a great few weeks and it will get even better with a trip to sun Valley this weekend. Larry is on a team for the Sawtooth Relay and I am the volunteer that the team is required to bring. Anders and Hannah will get to stay in Boise with Grandma and Pops for the weekend! I think that they are looking forward to that more than I am looking forward to a weekend away.

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