Friday, May 25, 2007

Hannah and Mommy at the Zoo

Today we went to the zoo with Hannah's class from preschool. It was the end of year party/picnic for the kids. We had fun seeing monkeys, birds, beavers and more. the coolest part was the very cool tiger that was right next to the glass enclosure. The tiger was rubbing against it like he wanted to be pet by the kids. That is the closest I have ever seen one of the tigers at the zoo:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Knitting up a storm!

So I finished another knitting project. It is a very cute capelet for Hannah. The cool thing about it is that I used Fair Isle technique for the first time, something I have been putting off for a while because I was scared of doing it and making huge mistakes, but, it turns out to be way easier than I had thought, so check out the cute capelet (poncho). Hannah even got to pick out the colors.

Oh, for all you knitters out there the pattern came out of Loop de Loop knitting book and I used Lion brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in black, raspberry, grass, and White.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crazy Crazy Crazy

I got on here and realized that I have not been updating! oops :) Anyway, I have been knitting. For some reason I have been wanting to knit more than I usually do! I finally finished a bag I made for my Mom today. It is super exciting. Now I can move onto something else!

Anders and Hannah are getting close to the end of the school year! They are getting very excited, especially Hannah since she knows that after school is out for the summer, she has her birthday party! on that note, we have almost everything for her extreme room makeover! She is getting so excited and so am I, she told me a few days a go we could get rid of her Princess Castle (Mega Block huge lego style castle). So, if anyone would want this princess castle, I will be ready for it to go soon!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Diego, the very old bear!

You know how sometimes your kids come up with something so funny that you just have to play along! Well, one day , Anders announces that it is his bears, Diego, birthday on Saturday. So we had a little party with a cake, that said "Happy 71st Birthday Diego!" on it. (the bakery guy at Fred Meyers was so funny, he kept asking the kids to make sure he had the information right on the cake!)

The kids even wrapped presents for Diego to open, they went through their toys and Diego ended up getting a new cat and dog for his birthday.

A very fun time, except now, amazingly, almost everyday another stuffed animal has a birthday.

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Beautiful Weekend

This weekend the weather was so beautiful. It was warm enough for the kids to play in the sprinklers, or in the sandbox with her swim suit on in Hannah's case!

We got some yard work done, with yet more to do! The kids planted some seeds, carrots, peas and flowers. They are making their own little garden. It is so cute, Anders is really into planting and yard work this year! Maybe he will be my little horticulturist or arborist!