Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What has happened in the last 10 years????

I know that is the burning question on everyone's mind right now, so, life has been pretty busy.

Right after High School I went to BSU for a few years and I decided that I was sick of school and stopped going. I was married a year after we graduated and that was another deciding factor in stopping college.

After I left BSU I worked at Flying Pie Pizzaria for a few years and then I was a teller at a bank for awhile. I had my son Anders in 2000, the same year my brother graduated from Centennial. I continued to work and in 2002 had my daughter Hannah.

After I had Hannah I stayed home and helped my dad with the accounting in his business for a few years. After he closed his business I started to substitute at my kids preschool and I really loved working with kids. So major career field change, I became a preschool teacher and did that for some time and this summer I opened up my own childcare, which is a ton of fun!

I also have started back at BSU to finish my degree, with a changed major to Childcare and Development.

I think that is about it, not to many other adventures. We go to Calvary Chapel, we still live in Boise, my parents are still here, still living right behind Centennials lacrosse field (it used to be the soccer field!) My brother, Andy, moved to SLC and got married. He and his wife just had a baby in February.

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