Friday, April 27, 2007


Ok, so I need to rave about netflix for a few minutes. This idea is the best since sliced bread. You get movies, watch them and then send them back to get more. Mail time is super fast (i usually have new movies in 2 days). But, now, they offer view now. you can watch movies straight from their website. how cool is that???

so anyway, if you have netflix already, cool, become my netflix friend
(we can share ratings etc for movies) If you don't have netflix, get it at they always have a free trial going on for you to try out the service!

Have a wonderful weekend, we will be watching Happy Feet for the 1000th time this weekend. That is the other cool thing about netflix, if your kids really like a movie, you don't have to return it in 3 days, you can keep it as long as you want!!!

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