Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday night and some good music

The kids and I went out tonight. First we sold raffle tickets at Red Letter and then stayed and listened to Jeff Anderson live, pretty good sound and we had fun!

The kids can't wait for Easter and neither can I, this will be the first Easter it has not rained in several years, which means the first non-rushed outside Easter Egg Hunt for the kids!

The daycare is going great and we are having so much fun, even with the terrible 2's approaching for the boys that we watch! Hannah is having baby fever, even with 3 babies in the house all day long, she is still going gaga over babies we see at church and at the store, movies, waiting in line somewhere, pretty much any baby she sees sends her into fits of hysteria. It is pretty funny watching her.

Life is pretty good right now, even though it is busy. The kids and I have been gone every night this week with school, church, karate etc!

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