Monday, December 31, 2007

As this year comes to a close...

I was thinking this morning about all that has happened in the last year! So, before the year ends I wanted to post tamiknits' top 10 happenings of the last year! These may not be the same ones that People or Time will publish, but they are significant none the less:)

  1. Anders loosing his first tooth!
  2. Hannah starting Kindergarten.
  3. My re-discovery of a love for knitting.
  4. A more positive outlook on life.
  5. Making new friends
  6. Expanding our business in the first year!
  7. Idaho on the forefront of the news -- why is it always something stupid that gets us there?
  8. Lace knitting is fun, so I discovered.
  9. My In-Laws 50th wedding Anniversary party and scrapbook:)
  10. a new nephew to love!

I Hope you all enjoyed your years and can come up with 10 things that impacted you lives this year too!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

We have been adopted

A few weeks ago we looked outside and there was a cat in our backyard. This is nothing unusual -- there are a lot of cats roaming in out neighborhood, but, this one kept coming to the door and when the kids would go outside she would stay and play with them. There was a collar on her, but it was super tight and there were not any tags. So, we fed her. She was so cute and freezing, we had to do something! The next morning there was another cat with her and we fed them both. The next morning there was yet another cat, and we fed all three. About this time I was starting to wonder if we were going to find one more cat every morning at our back door. The next morning there were only 3 still and I was happy -- we had already gone through 1 small bag of cat food by now and I had just bought a huge bag at Costco to keep these kitties in food. So, we now have 3 cats -- they want to come inside, but with my severe cat allergies, they have to stay out. They will let us pick them up and pet them and they will play with my kids, they must be out of the loop because most cats run from the kids:)

So meet, Princess, Tiger and Dreamsicle -- yes we named them:)

We think that Princess is the mom and the other two are her babies! The sad part is we were going to get them spayed and called the Humane Society and let them know we were taking care of some strays and could we get them in to make sure they are all fixed. They said sure, for $60 each! You would think that the Humane Society would just do it, so they did not incur the costs of housing and feeding more cats!

More Christmas

A package arrived in the mail today, a present Larry had ordered did not make it in time for Christmas, but, a few days late and I still love it.

I had sent Larry a link to the new Knit Picks Harmony Wood Cable Needles and said I wanted them for Christmas! Not only did he order me those, but a skein of Bare 100% Peruvian Wool as well. He has some kool-aid packets so I can dye the wool. I wonder what I should make, socks, hat, or something else I have no idea!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Knitting I have done in the last month....

Now that Christmas has past and everyone has opened their gifts, here is what I have been spending all my time on lately:)

Larry got the wrist warmers

and a hat.

Hannah got a Bronco Scarf

And, Anders got a Vandal Scarf.

I sent my SIL Laurie a Foliage hat

and a striping scarf, as well as a stack of dishcloths.

My MIL, got a prayer shawl and a couple of Mason Dixon Dishcloths.


Christmas was great! Larry and the kids got me a ball winder from Woodland Woolworks! YEAH!!!

I also got Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas -- ours was great! I love Christmas:)

I have Pictures of all the knitted things from Christmas and will get them up tomorrow!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Knitters Christmas Eve

`Twas the night before Christmas and all around me
Was unfinished knitting not under the tree.
The stockings weren't hung by the chimney with care
`Cause the heels and toes had not a stitch there.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
But I had not finished the caps for their heads.
Dad was asleep; he was no help at all,
And the sweater for him was six inches too small,
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
I put down my needles to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tripped over my yarn and fell down with a crash.
The tangle of yarn that lay deep as the snow
Reminded me how much I still had to go.
Out on my lawn I heard such a noise,
I thought it would wake both Dad and the boys.
And though I was tired, my brain a bit thick,
I knew in a moment it must be St Nick.
But what I heard then left me perplex-ed,
For not a name I heard was what I expected,
"Move, Ashford! Move, Lopi! Move, Addi and Clover!
Move, Reynolds! Move Starmore! Move Froelich –move over
Paton, don't circle 'round; stand in the line.
Come now, you sheep will work out just fine!
I know this is hard; it's just your first year,
I'd hate to go back to eight tiny reindeer."
I peered over the sill; what I saw was amazing,
Eight wooly sheep on my lawn all a-grazing.
And then, in a twinkle, I heard at the door
Santa's feet coming across the porch floor.
I rose from my knees and got back on my feet,
And as I turned 'round St Nick I did meet.
He was dressed all in wool from his head to his toe,
And his clothes were hand knit from above to below.
A bright Fairisle sweater he wore on his back,
And his toys were all stuffed in an Aran knit sack.
His cap was a wonder of bobbles and lace
A beautiful frame for his rosy red face.
The scarf 'round his neck could have stretched for a mile,
And the socks peeking over his boots were Argyle.
The back of his mittens bore an intricate cable.
And suddenly on one I espied a small label,
"S.C." was duplicate stitched on the cuff,
And I asked, "Hey, Nick, did you knit all this stuff?"
He proudly replied, "Ho, ho, ho, yes I did.
I learned how to knit when I was a kid."
He was chubby and plump, a quite well-dressed old man,
And I laughed to myself, for I'd thought up a plan.
I flashed him a grin and jumped up in the air,
And the next thing he knew, he was tied to a chair,
He spoke not a word, but looked in his lap
Where I'd laid my needles and yarn for a cap.
He quickly began knitting, first one cap then two,
For the first time I thought I might really get through.
He put heels in the stockings and toes in some socks.
While I sat back drinking scotch on the rocks.
So quickly like magic his needles they flew
That he was all finished by quarter to two.
He sprang for his sleigh when I let him go free,
And over his shoulder he looked back at me,
And I heard him exclaim as he sailed past the moon,
"Next year start your knitting sometime around June!"

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Christmas Adam

If you have never been to -- you should go check it out. It has some pretty funny definitions for some slang, both popular and obscure. I subscribe to their word of the day email. Todays was hilarious:

Christmas Adam:

The day before Christmas Eve. Since Adam was created before Eve, and the need to be equitable in the holiday season, Christmas Adam creates further anticipation of Christmas Day.

When is your family coming to our place?
On Christmas Adam and leaving New Year's Day.

Christmas Adam is the last chance to prepare for the Christmas Eve party.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I believe


Now that I got that out of my system, it is getting closer and I am getting more excited! Hannah let it slip that they went to "the knitting store with the spinning wheels!" How she knows what a spinning wheel is, I have no idea, but it is exciting, maybe spinning lessons for Christmas?

The kids are getting a little worried that I did not buy them anything:) There are not many presents under the tree yet, normally they are all wrapped and under the tree by now! But, I want the big huge surprise of getting up on Christmas Morning with a tree bursting with presents. That was one of my favorite parts of Christmas:)

Tomorrow the kids and I will be delivering present for the Mercy Tree at Church. We had 114 families sign up for the Mercy Tree this year and I think that the members of the church bought something like 1400 presents! WOW! Talk about some generosity.

I also need to find some stocking stuffers for Larry -- always difficult for me, but I will get it done!

Knitting wise, I am knitting a hat for Larry that he does not know about and a Bronco Scarf for Hannah. If I get those done in time, I have a scarf I want to knit Larry. I also have to finish the calendar for my Mom.

I got some seriuosly yummy yarn in the mail the other day, thank you Carly! She was my swap partner for the Silver/Gray Yarn Swap -- that is something else I have to do this weekend, find some silver or Gray yarn to send to my swap partner -- this might be a great time to check out the Yarn Shoppe in Meridian!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Today I was reading our local paper and Tim Woodwards column. It was a very touching column to me. Not only did he talk about families, but he was talking about how Oranges were a smell of the holidays for him! I agree, we did not get a crate of oranges like he did, but, every year we would have oranges in our stockings on Christmas Morning. This is defiantly a tradition I need to be doing with my own kids.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Everyone loves the candy pictures, so here are the cookies Hannah and I made this weekend!

Chocolate Crinkles

Pecan Pie Squares

Lemon Snowballs

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies


Friday, December 14, 2007

Girls Night Out

This weekend, Anders went with my Parents to visit my borther, SIL and kiddos in SLC. So, Tonight Hannah and I had a girls night out. We went and saw Enchanted at the Movie Theater -- a very cute movie and then as an extra special treat we saw Alvin and the Chipmunks! Hannah was so excited -- but she got a little to excited and then fell asleep before Alvin started:)

We had a lot of fun!

In other news -- I am all done with my Christmas Knitting -- so more knitting to come soon. I have photos of all the gifts I am giving for Christmas and I will post them after Christmas for all to see.

We have been continuing with our book a night for Christmas and the kids get so excited to read! They start asking for the book and advent calendar at 6pm - we usually do it right before bed time:)

Anders and Hannah had their Christmas Program last week -- I would post photos, but, there are other kids in them and I don't like to post pics without permission! But, it was super cute and Hannah was the biggest HAM! I kept hearing "WOW! your daughter is such a little performer!"

The kids and I made Christmas Candy today too! Here are some yummy pictures to liven up this entry a little!

Peanut Brittle

Almond Roca



This weekend will be a busy one, cookie baking, Christmas Party, and completion of all the other Christmas Crafts I have to do!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Friday, December 07, 2007

18 Days till christmas!

We read Santa Claus is comin' to town last night! A traditional book of the song with GREAT pictures!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love the funny things....

that websites will do for you.

Seriously, you must check this out and then make your own:)

so much to say.

First things First, the Christmas Book we read last night was Christmas Carol. The kids loved it, and it is a short one for those that have younger kids!
I was uploading some pictures off of my camera today and I had forgotten that I took some silly pictures of the kids last week. They had a book fair at school and Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday! My kiddos went all out, but Hannah did look like she does most days, I guess everyday is Wacky Wednesday for her:)

There was also a day that Hannah fell asleep when she was supposed to be doing her chores. When I went in to wake her up, she looked so cute lying there, I just had to take a picture! I think is personifies her to a T. 5 going on 16!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


While reading another blog, I found this website. It tells you your travel personality! I think mine is right on :)

I am considered a Centric Venturer.

By definition, you fit between venturers and authentics but with a leaning towards the venturer side. Compared to other groups, you have lots of company. Three out of ten travelers (30%) place in your group, making you one of the largest segments of travelers. As a result, the majority of travel providers-airlines, resorts, rental car companies, tour operators, cruise lines, and others- place you at the top of their list of persons they want to reach and motivate to travel.

Your significance lies not just in how many people are like you, however. It also grows out of the fact that you are easier to motivate to take a trip or buy a product than the personalities that lie more on the extremes on cither side of you. Venturers tend to ignore advertising. Authentics (at the opposite end of the scale) pay attention to advertising but their commitment to a regimen and daily routine makes it more difficult to change their habits and motivate them to take a trip. In contrast, you are more flexible and adaptable, with a willingness to sample new destinations if a travel promoter presents enticing advertising.

It would be easy to assume that you are simply an "average" personality and do not go to extremes on most things. This assumption, however, would cover over your much more unique personality characteristics and behaviors. More than other groups, you use mixed transportation modes for leisure travel. In the same year, you are likely to fly to one or two destinations and drive to a couple of others. In contrast, your counterparts prefer either to fly (venturers) or drive (authentics). Although air travel saves tremendous amounts of time when the distances are great, the convenience of auto travel (take everything that you want with you and leave when you want to), along with the ability to move at your own pace provides its own inherent interest.

Unlike venturers, you prefer at least a modest selection of good hotels and some quality commercial development before you visit an area. A good bed in a nice hotel, food that can be trusted, and a transportation network that can help you get around are what you consider to be basic necessities that you would like to see firmly in place before you visit. But, when over-commercialization sets in, signified by many souvenir shops, the intrusion of fast food outlets, and the diesel smell from too many tourist buses, you will move on to some other place that has not yet lost its qualities of freshness and uniqueness. The kinds of things that you like to buy on trips to foreign lands are the products that various countries specialize in as part of their national heritage. Thus, wool sweaters and skirts in Scotland or England; crystal in England, Germany or Scandinavia; pottery and silver in Mexico; or semiprecious stones from various countries around the world serve not only as reminders of a great vacation, but they can be used when you return home.

The great capitals of Europe have long been favorites, but some of these now seem overcrowded, far too expensive, and unfriendly in how local citizens treat tourists. Therefore, when you go to Europe you might visit smaller towns and enjoy leisurely drives through the countryside. And, when you go into villages, you particularly enjoy staying at quaint little bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) in contrast to well known hotels.

The diversity of the kinds of places that would be of interest to you opens up many more travel destinations of potential interest than is true for either venturers or authentics. You could enjoy a cruise in the Greek Isles, a car trip through gold mining ghost towns in California, or a shopping spree in New York City equally well. You will probably return to a place that you particularly like every two to four years, interspersing other new destinations (for you) in between. In some respects, you can have the most satisfying travel experiences because of your ability to absorb, and like, such different types of places. If you follow the typical pattern for your personality, you travel both independently (probably with a spouse or a friend) and occasionally take a fully escorted tour. This might include international tours and domestic to see New England's fall colors, visit Southern mansions, or follow historic routes as part of a tour group. Depending upon your age, the Elderhostel program is largely made up of your type.

Cruising has experienced strong growth in recent years, thanks to the fact that you believe that the experience is not as confining as in the past. You have decided that it is affordable and more interesting than you ever thought. And, very important, it's so easy and comfortable because your hotel room goes with you wherever you are and you don't have to pack and unpack every day. You may also own a time share, the concept of owning one or two weeks of vacation time in a condo in a resort area. Time shares tend to offer excuses for travel and most of these owners venture forth regularly.

You have mixed media habits, combining both TV and reading. You enjoy quite a few shows on TV, read an occasional book, and some of the popular magazines.

In summary, you are part of a group that is very important to the travel industry, including destinations, airlines, hotels and restaurants. And, because you are generally easier to motivate for travel through advertising and are willing to visit a variety of destinations, most travel companies desperately try to focus on you and your needs. They offer lots of special deals and incentives to get you to travel. You use mixed modes of transportation to get there, tend to return to a place only if you especially like it but no sooner than three to four years, and you also mix up the kinds of lodging that you use. On the same trip you might stay at a three or four star hotel, an economy/budget motel, and a B&B.

Just a fun little thing to do today:)

20 Days till Christmas

I forgot to post the book we read last night:)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Day 3

Only 21 days left until Christmas!

Today our book was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Robert L. May. It says it is the original story of Rudolph. This book was super cute and rhyming which always makes it fun to read to kids!

So who is all done shopping? Is anyone even close?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Countdown

23 Days left till Christmas! Tonight we are reading Olive the Other Reindeer. This is a favorite of my kids!

Also, to those that look here for my crafty items -- I am sorry that I have not posted items in a while, but all of the things I am knitting are for gifts -- so since the receivers all read this, no posting on that for a while. but, I do hope you enjoy our countdown of the 25 books of Christmas:)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Traditions!

One of our Christmas Traditions is that every night we read a different Christmas Story every night during December! I thought it would be fun to share with you guys the books we are reading as we read them!

Tonight, we started with The Littlest Christmas Tree: A Tale of Growing and becoming! Th e kids really enjoyed the book and we can't wait to read the next book:)

Exciting Times!

Today I am just rambling, and have to do it quick too! We are going to put up the tree:) YEAH!!! Then later the kids and I have a birthday party to go to and I still have to do laundry and clean the house somewhere in there:) I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and enjoying life:)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting to know you: Christmas Edition!

A fun little Q and A session to get us in the Holiday Mood!

Welcome to the 2007 Holiday Edition of Getting to Know Your Friends!

You know the drill Don't be a scrooge!!!

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa doesn't wrap presents, that way there is something to play with while you wait for all the slow pokes to get out of bed!

3. Multi Colored lights on tree/house or white? Multi Colored are my favorite

4. Do you hang mistletoe? yes

5. When do you put your decorations up? The day after Thanksgiving, I go shopping and then come home a decorate!

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Stuffing

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: Driving around on Christmas Eve to look at the lights everyone had up wile eating popcorn and drinking cocoa in the car!

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I have always know that Santa is Real!

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? yes, it is always PJ's

10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? lights, ornaments that we have collected each year

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it!!

12. Can you ice skate? I have never tried, but, knowing my klutzy tendencies I would guess NO!

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? What year?? When I was 10 I got a Baby Heather Doll, I know that I REALLY wanted this doll and asked for it for months leading up to Christmas!

14. What's your favorite thing about the Holidays for you? Giving!

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Pecan Pie

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Christmas Eve. We go out to dinner , always Mexican, drive around and look at lights, come home and open up 1 present (always PJ's) get ready for bed, set out milk and cookies and read the Night Before Christmas.

17. What tops your tree? A Star

18. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving? Giving

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? O Holy Night

20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? yuck, I am not a big fan.

Happy Holidays

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I have not done an AJ update in a while, so I thought today would be a great day to do so. AJ and my brother, Andy, were in the SLC Paper this weekend! My Sister in Law, Dannielle, owns a Dance Studio and they were in the Parade! The paper took a picture of Andy and AJ in the Parade. AJ Looks adorable and VERY healthy! Since the Photo is copyrighted I don't want to post it here. Here is the link to the picture taken by the SLC Tribune!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

New Blog Header

So, I found these instructions for making a Blog Header! I had always wanted a new one and had no idea how to make one. Well, a little picture manipulation using good ol' Photoshop and I have a new blog header! I hope you all enjoy the new face of tamiknits! Let me know what you think! I love to have comments:)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

I normally go out at 5am shopping, but, this year I am still at home at 7:47am. I am going out, there was just nothing I had to get up that early for to freeze my little tooshie off waiting to get into a store. I am disappointed in the sales this year. It seems like the deals are not as good. Or maybe I am just looking for things that are not on sale. Also, the things I did really want, I ordered online yesterday. That is the coolest thing retailers have done in a long time -- make the Black Friday Sale prices available online on Thanksgiving!

On another note, the mall here in Boise did this 1am Shopping thing. I thought about going for about 10 seconds, then decided that it would not be worth it. But the article the Local Paper wrote is Here. Talk about some CRAZY People. Spending ALL DAY on Thanksgiving waiting to get into a Mall. Crazy.

So, off I go to shop, Socks at Fred Meyer. You can't pass up on the sock sale every year!

Have a wonderful Black Friday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Advent Calendar

If you have never been to Splitcoast Stampers, you must go and go now! I was looking around their Holiday tutorial Bonanza and found this super fantastic Advent Calendar. I had to make one for our Christmas Decorations! I did a few things differently, such as the title is different and the Poinsettias at the top are not on the sample. The Poinsettias were lots of fun to make. The bottom piece is this tutorial for a Tag Punch Star. Instead of making 2 pieces, I made one and then put a cutout from a piece of patterned paper on top. I also used a little bling in the middle! I hope you all enjoy this, I had a lot of fun making it:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Snowing!!!!!!!

Yes, 2 days before Thanksgiving it is Snowing!!!! I was trying to remember the last time it snowed this early in the year and I think I was 14. For those that don't believe me here is the photographic evidence:)
Since it is snowing, I have been working on some more Christmas Presents! I finished the purse I was making for myself! The pattern called for i-Cord handles, but, I ran out of the yarn. So, I bought some cute handles at Michaels to use and it looks pretty cute!

I also started Larry's Fingerless Mitts He requested! I am already done with one, only one more to go:)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sock no 2

I finished the 2nd sock!!!! Yeah! I am so excited. I figured I was doomed to forever have 1 knitted sock to put on, now, I have 2!

Even Better, they are both the same size and fit pretty good for my first ever pair!

Also, the 2nd sock knit up way faster than the first. So, my next pair should go super fast:)

Monday, November 12, 2007


EEK... It has been 9 days since I posted!!!

Well, we have been busy.

I have gotten a lot of knitting done for Christmas.
I knitted 2 versions of the Fall Foliage hat from and I LOVE IT!!! The First one is a gift for a friend and the 2nd one is for me:) I am also knitting one for my SIL for Christmas!

Other than knitting, Hannah and I had a fun girls day out this weekend with shopping and then lunch at the Olive Garden.

Anders and Hannah also had Teachers conferences this last week! They are both doing great, Hannah just needs a little help with reading!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Bee Movie

The kids and I went and saw the Bee Movie today, so cute, definitely worth seeing if you have the chance:)

I also went to check out FUZZ today! It is a way cool yarn shop in Boise and I love it -- another new place to get yarn.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Larry and I....

We went to a Halloween Party last Saturday night and Here is a pic of our costumes:

I am Mama Cass and Larry is Denny from the Mama's and the Papas!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chunky Cable Scarf

My First Knitting Design, So exciting:)

Chunky Cable Scarf

Yarn: Wool Ease Think and Quick in Black
Needles: Size 15 Straight Needles
Gauge: It's a scarf so gauge is not important
Notions: Darning Needle and Cable Needle

Explaniations: Cable 6 means to put 3 stitches on Cable Needle and place in front of work, knit 3 and then knit the 3 stitches off of the cable needle.

Cast on 10 Stitches

Row 1: Purl
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: Purl
Row 4: Knit
Row 5: Purl
Row 6: Knit
Row 7: Purl
Row 8: Knit
Row 9: Purl
Row 10: K2, Cable 6, K2

Repeat rows 1-10, 13 more times.
Row 141: Purl
Row 142: Knit
Row 143: Purl
Row 144: Knit
Row 145: Purl
Row 146: Knit
Row 147: Purl
Row 148: Knit
Row 149: Purl

Bind off All stitches

Surprise and other things!

Yesterday as I was getting the kiddos in their costumes, the UPS man stopped by and there was a box for me. It was full of...............YARN!!! I had ordered some Peaches & Creme a few days ago along with some mystery grab bags from their factory and I was super surprised in what I found in the box:)

Not only did I get what I ordered -- the 3 skeins of Strawberry Cream and the 3 skeins of Rose Pink.
But, I got a whole bunch of other stuff in the 2 grab bags I ordered! There is a ton of cotton mill ends, most are enough to make cloths with. 2 full balls of cotton, Victorian Christmas and Potpourri. A small cone of honeysuckle Yarns Cotton. And then a whole bunch of various yarns, crochet cotton and something called Article 65?

Well, Halloween was also last night, the kids had a ton of fun with Tricker Treating at Larry's work and then that Harvest Festival. They has pony and horse rides, a camel and a petting zoo, obviously way more fun than candy since we ended up with almost nothing in the candy bags at the end of the night!
I could tell that Anders is growing up, when we walked past the "big Kids" area (i.e. teenagers) he looked at me and said "That looks like fun, can we go there?"

Anders was a race car driver and Hannah was a ballerina. I have always bought their costumes at Costco because they have the warm furry ones that are super cute. Not so this year -- they had dress up stuff being passed off as costumes and it was not very good either -- Hannah's dress ripped off half way through the night!

In other news.... Last night after the Harvest Festival, I watched Ghost Hunters Live, which I am glad I tivoed it since I fell asleep before it was over! Anyway, while I was watching I cleaned out my Craft corner and took some pictures so I could show all my friends my craft corner that will very soon be gone and I will have my own office/craft room in the add on we are building!
This is a full view of my craft corner.

My book shelf with craft magazines, craft books and completed scrapbooks!
My knitting station, the Rubbermaid tubs hold yarn, I need to get another one, and the basket on top has WIP's and notions!

This is my work space, normally it is covered in projects I need to finish!

This is the TOWER!!! It has all the little tools and pieces need for crafting. On the top is a accordion file I keep memorabilia in until I am ready to use it!

Inside and on top of the armoire! EEK!

Have a glorious first day of November!!!